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Bachelor’s Program in Law

The bachelor’s program in law aims to give students knowledge existing in the field of law and help them to develop the required skills for a lawyer. An alumnus will be able to work at all the legal positions for which a relevant certificate isn’t required. The bachelor’s program consists of 240 ECTS credits. In the junior and senior years of the four-year program students can choose a specialization (among public, private, criminal and police law).

Why MIA Academy?

  • Actual chance of employment
  • Scholarship for outstanding students
  • Internship at law enforcement agencies
  • International cooperation and exchange programs
  • Highly-qualified academic staff
  • Modern facilities
  • Real academic terms and conditions
  • Safe environment
  • Affordable tuition fee – 2000 GEL

Admission Requirements:

  • A person should take unified national examinations to be admitted to the bachelor’s program as a student. In case of successful passing the unified national examinations, an entrant should register within the terms established by the act issued by the rector and submit the following documents:
  • Application form to the attention of the rector, which a candidate will receive at the Academy;
  • A payment receipt of the tuition fee according the contract conditions;
  • The original and the copy of a certificate of secondary education acclaimed by the standards prescribed by law (an electronic copy recorded on CD);
  • The copy of an identification document or a passport, accompanied by the original (an electronic copy recorded on CD);
  • 2 photos in sizes 3X4 (regular, not biometrical) and an electronic copy of a photo recorded on CD;
  • The original and the copy of the document certifying military registration (in the cases of the persons liable to military registration).