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Master’s Program of Public Law in Police Regulation

Master’s Program of Public Law in Police Regulation

The program is aimed at training staff having relevant skills and knowledge for middle management positions of the respective units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, who execute police functions and hold an academic degree.

The master’s program consists of 132 ECTS credits. The teaching process at the Academy comprises theoretical as well as practical courses along with internship for one semester at the corresponding units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

Why MIA Academy?

  • Tuition-free master’s program
  • Scholarship for outstanding students
  • Unique master’s program on police regulation issues
  • Dormitory on the venue of the Academy
  • One-time free meal
  • Modern facilities
  • Actual chance of employment

Admission Requirements:

  • A person should take unified master examinations (type C test) to be admitted to the master’s program as a student. In case of successful passing the unified master examinations, a person should submit the following documents at the Academy:
  • Application form to the attention of the rector (the application form is filled in at the Academy);
  • 2 photos in sizes 3X4 (regular, not biometrical) and an electronic copy of a photo recorded on CD;
  • The original of a diploma or its equivalent document certifying the bachelor’s academic degree of law and the supplement;
  • The copy of an identification document or a passport, with an electronic version recorded on CD, accompanied by the original;
  • Plastic card of participation in the unified master examinations;
  • Filled special application, which is completed by the candidate of a master’s program student at the Academy;
  • The original and the copy of the document certifying military registration (in the cases of the persons liable to military registration).

The next stage is passing the internal entrance exams established at the Academy, which includes the following components:

  • Intelligence quotient test (IQ) and psychological testing/interview.
  • Exam on legal topics (in written or/and oral form)
  • Predetermined English or German language testing of B2 level (sample of English language test, sample of German language test)
  • Medical clearance
  • Physical fitness standards (standards)
  • Interview.