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C. Commission's Rules of Procedure

Legal basis: Rules of procedure of the State Commission Supporting Suppression of Distributing New Psychoactive Substances are stipulated in details by the Joint Order №344/№01-30/n/№147 of 13 May 2014 of Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia and Minister of Finance of Georgia “On Establishing State Commission Supporting Suppression of Distributing New Psychoactive Substances and Approving its Regulation”.

Rules of Procedure: In order to implement efficient mechanism for effective monitoring and information sharing, “Regulation of State Commission Supporting Suppression of Distributing New Psychoactive Substances” envisages regular meetings of the State Commission. More precisely, the State Commission meets in case of necessity, upon decision of the Chairman, but at least once a month. Chairman of the State Commission governs the activities of the State Commission and conducts its meetings. Chairman signs the documents adopted by the Commission and represents the State Commission with third parties. In his/her absence, upon the Chairman’s request, his/her powers are exercised by one of the Co-Chairmen of the State Commission.

Secretary of the State Commission provides organizational, technical and informational support to the Commission. Secretary notifies members of the State Commission concerning the date of conducting Commission meetings and sends them a respective agenda, prepares Protocols of the State Commission meetings for signature and sends these Protocols to the Commission members, as well as exercises all the other powers necessary for efficient functioning of the State Commission.

State Commission meetings are held upon invitation of the Chairman of the State Commission. Chairman approves a meeting agenda. Chairman as well as the other members of the Commission are entitled to submit an issue at the meeting. The State Commission is authorized to conduct its activities, if more than the half of its members are present. The decision of the State Commission is adopted by the majority vote of the members presented. And in case the votes are equally divided, Chairman shall make a decision. Protocols are drawn up regarding Commission meetings and they are signed by Chairman, Co-Chairmen and Secretary of the State Commission.